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Label Section
Masterlabel is the largest label unit in Botswana making labels ranging from 1 to 5 colour printing . We know how important it is for companies to be constantly innovative and different in their packaging approach and choosing the right label for your product is the wisest and the most economical start to brand building .All labels are available on a variety of materials(Gloss, radiant, matte, silver, gold and more). We also supply thermal scale labels, barcode labels and a large selection of blanks on existing sizes.

We are the only Label manufacturing company in Botswana which houses a complete pre press facility from an artwork department comprising of experienced artwork designer team to negative producing machines which enables us to produce custom labels of any size, design, quantity, format and enhancements at quickest turnaround times. We have , over a period of time streamlined our self adhesive label production process so that we can offer quick, reliable, quality service with competitive pricing. As one of Botswana's premium label printing companies we are fully committed to supply only the highest quality labels.

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